Yolanda Vázquez Tévar

  • At the personal level, I feel privileged. My life has gradually been taking shape to combine trips and stays abroad with language learning; my passion for the ocean and navigation have brought me to the best place to live in the world, Tarifa (Spain); and my vocation of communicating with other people in different languages has made of me a professional translator.
    In my free time I collaborate with different agencies and NGOs. As a volunteer of the Red Cross, I have carried out duties of search and rescue at sea and humanitarian assistance on land for immigrants arriving to the Andalusian coast in small boats; again in these activities, my knowledge of languages is essential for enabling communication. I also perform activities with children at risk of abandonment and social exclusion.


Contacto traduvate Yolanda


emailyolandav@traduvate.com  Llamar+34 609 552317