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25 Years of Experience in Translation and Software Localization

Localization Project Management • Translation of Documentation and Help • Computer Aided Translation Programs • Localization Tools • Text Editing and Proofreading • Quality Assurance • Creation of Translation Memories • Creation of Style Guides • Glossaries Maintenance • Translators Team Management


About Me

I have 25 years of experience as a translator and localizer from English and French into Spanish. Throughout my professional career I have had the opportunity to collaborate in the most varied projects, and I have used a lot of computer applications and computer aided translation tools.
I have undertaken tasks ranging from complete management and translation of localization projects, through style guides creation, to final DTP of documents. All this has helped me to develop my skills and to be very flexible and capable of adapting to different environments, equipments and tasks.
I am appreciated for a maximum involvement in each project, commitment with text quality, attention to detail and compliance with delivery deadlines.
My interest in foreign languages is vocational, thus the time I dedicate to work is grateful to me and I am always ready to give my best I, to continue improving and to reach the highest levels of professionalism.

Business Experience

Senior Translator and Localizer  EN>ES, FR>ES

Since 1995
Freelance proofreader, reviewer and translator (English and French into Spanish), creator of own business, with several translators-collaborators.
Specialized in software localization in general, using Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools such as Trados, SDL, LocStudio, Idiom, etc.
Translation/localization of interfaces and medical instruments software manuals, online help, etc. (Siemens, Bayer Diagnostics, Ziehm International Medical Systems, Cardialysis, VNUS Medical Technologies Inc., Abbot, Sechrist, Grifols, Beckman, among others).
Participation in major global projects for products like MS Windows, Office, Adobe Photoshop, LaCie y Axis, among others.

Consecutive, Whispering, Liaison and Online Interpreter  EN>ES, FR>ES

Since 2006
Events, conferences, business meetings, lectures, workshops, etc., as for example, Summer Courses organized in San Roque by the University of Cadiz, African Cinema Festival of Tarifa FCAT (Cadiz).

Proofreader, Reviewer and Translator In-house  EN>ES, FR>ES    in   ME&TA Software and Localization Company, S.A.

Specialized in computing translations (localization of resources, help and documentation files), working with major clients as Microsoft, IBM, Computer Associates, Novell, etc.


Graduate in English Philology, Translation-Interpretation. University of Seville (Spain).
Erasmus Student, Translation-Interpretation. Institute for Translators-Interpreters P.H.V.T., Ghent (Belgium).

Voluntary Work

Translator, Assistant and Events Organizer   in   Clean Ocean Project NGO

Translator of website, documents, press releases, etc.; events organizer with local volunteers.

English, French and Spanish Interpreter   in   Cruz Roja Tarifa, Cádiz

Translator and interpreter of English, French and Spanish to enable communication among doctors, Red Cross staff, administration officials and Guardia Civil, and the immigrants that cross the Strait of Gibraltar on small boats, in the humanitarian assistance activities both on land and at sea.

Yolanda Vázquez Tévar

  • At the personal level, I feel privileged. My life has gradually been taking shape to combine trips and stays abroad with language learning; my passion for the ocean and navigation have brought me to the best place to live in the world, Tarifa (Spain); and my vocation of communicating with other people in different languages has made of me a professional translator.
    In my free time I collaborate with different agencies and NGOs. As a volunteer of the Red Cross, I have carried out duties of search and rescue at sea and humanitarian assistance on land for immigrants arriving to the Andalusian coast in small boats; again in these activities, my knowledge of languages is essential for enabling communication. I also perform activities with children at risk of abandonment and social exclusion.


emailyolandav@traduvate.com  Llamar+34 609 552317